Free Speech

Books have advanced society by allowing us to share information, ideas, opinions, and feelings. Sometimes, those books which speak against prevailing wisdom, social norms, or entrenched power are the most important and beneficial to society, helping to promote a robust democracy and an active intellectual life.

We support the right to free speech, and we oppose censorship. This policy outlines our commitment to our clients and to independent authors everywhere.

Who We Serve

We serve all independent authors, regardless of:

We are not aware of any situation (hypothetical or real) where the law would require us to turn away an author before we even know what's in your manuscript. Therefore, for all practical purposes, we serve everyone.

Books to Which We Will Contribute

We are willing to contribute our services to the publication and promotion of your book regardless of:

However, we cannot or will not contribute to books which:

None of these circumstances come up very often (if ever), but we feel it's important to give a complete list here.

How We Protect Your Right to Free Speech

We also make the following commitments to protect your right to free speech:

In general, we will act in ways which we believe will advance and protect free speech for independent authors.

Contacting Us with Questions

Do you have a question about our free speech policy? Are you the author of a controversial manuscript, or an author who has been affected by censorship, and would like our advice or input?

Please contact us through our general contact page and we'll get back to you promptly.