fixed format

A type of e-book layout where the text is laid out on individual pages, like a printed book.

The advantage of fixed format is that it allows the designer to create a specific layout that will appear the same for everyone viewing the book. This allows a wide variety of graphic design techniques to be used.

Fixed format has several disadvantages. First, if the person reading has a vision impairment, there is no way for them to increase the size, spacing, and contrast of the text.

Second, if the book is viewed on a small screen, it may become impossible to read without zooming and panning.

Finally, if the book is viewed on a screen with a different aspect ratio, part of the screen will be blank (and thus wasted).

Fixed format is typically used for books where the images or layout are an important part of the book, such as comic books, children's books, and photography books.

The alternative to fixed format is a reflowable layout.