bundle sale

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A sale where a set of products are sold together in a bundle.

Typically, the bundle includes products by several different creators, and is sold at a discounted price.

For the creators, the advantage of a bundle sale is that it allows each creator's work to be sold through the combined channels of all the creators. This typically generates more sales than individual sales for each product would have, and can introduce the creator to new audiences.

For the buyers, the advantage of a bundle sale is the discount and the opportunity to discover new works recommended by a creator known to them.

Bundles can be combined with pay-what-you-want pricing to further increase the total number of sales (and thus exposure).

In e-publishing, a typical bundle sale might include a set of books, each written by a different author, but connected by a common theme, genre, or setting.

Also see: crowdfunding, patronage, micropatronage, subscription, donation, pay-what-you-want.