Feedback You Can Put to Work.

Developmental editing helps you build on your first draft by addressing large-scale issues of structure and style. This service is appropriate for both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. (Note: for manuscripts over 100,000 words, please contact us.)

Your manuscript will be edited by Nas Hedron, a professional with 15 years of experience editing fiction and non-fiction.


  • 100% personal. Our feedback is customized to your goals and communication style. We never cut-and-paste advice.
  • Every facet of your manuscript is addressed.
  • Honest, respectful, and usable feedback.

We Deliver

  • 5000 words of specific advice following our initial consultation with you.
  • Unlimited follow-up for questions, clarifications, and advice on putting our feedback into practice.
  • Additional rounds of feedback for new drafts available at a reduced price.

initial consultation: $330

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