FAQ: ISBN-Only Publishing

Who will be listed as my publisher in the ISBN registry?
Your publisher will be listed as Please note that this has no legal significance and does not affect your copyrights or any other rights or ownership.
Who specifies the metadata (publication details and list of contributors) for my ISBN entries?
You fill out this information using an on-line form we provide. We check the metadata for any errors or problems, clear these up with you as needed, then submit the metadata exactly as you've provided it.
Do I need to order twice if I'm publishing in print and digitally?
No! One order includes an unlimited number of formats for your book. For example, you can order once and receive ISBNs for your hardcover, paperback, EPUB, MOBI, and PDF editions of your book (5 ISBNs), or any other combination you can think of!
How can you provide multiple ISBNs for such a low price? What's the catch?
We are a Canadian company, and the Canadian government issues ISBNs at no charge. Our fees cover the time taken to double-check your metadata and register your ISBNs.
Can I order if I'm outside of Canada?
Yes! For example, if you're in the United States, you can save hundreds of dollars by not buying ISBNs from Bowker.
Where can I sell my book if I purchase this package?
Anywhere you want! It's none of our business, and we don't restrict you in any way.
Can I use my ISBNs when I submit to on-line vendors like
Yes! We do not restrict the use of your ISBNs in any way. They belong to your book permanently—that's the point of an ISBN.
Does my ISBN affect my copyrights?
No, never. Please read ISBNs and E-Publishing for more information.
Do I need to credit in my book or on my website?
No. You are under no obligation to mention our name or promote us in any way.

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