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“This was our first book publishing venture, made more complicated by the fact that there are three authors. Thanks to the masterful and diplomatic guidance of Saul Bottcher, the process was pleasant and efficient. I plan to work with IndieBookLauncher again in the future and I recommend them without reservation.”

—Barbara Moore, PhD, FTOS
Co-Author of Fit from the Start: How to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Infancy


  • You own all copyrights to the layout we produce.
  • Cover-to-cover guarantee: if you find any typesetting errors in your book, we’ll fix them for free.
  • Free ISBNs. Save as much as $250!
  • 100% custom layout, created to your print provider’s specifications.

We Deliver

  • Print-ready PDF file.
  • Multiple formats if needed (e.g., hardcover and paperback).
  • Low-cost updates. Updated editions for as low as $50.
  • Free sample layout of one chapter of your manuscript. (Contact us to request your sample.)

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“Saul, Thanks so much for all your work—I literally could not have done all this without you!”

—Éric Grenier
Author of Tapping Into the Pulse: Political Public Opinion Polling in Canada, 2013
Owner/Operator of


Prices begin at $300 (Canadian) and are based on the length and complexity of the book. We only offer custom layouts, no templates. The base price of $300 applies to most novels, and to most non-fiction books that are primarily text. Very short or long books may be priced differently.

Technical or academic books that contain a moderate number of graphs, diagrams, tables, charts, or specially-formatted text will typically cost from $500 to $1000. Very short or long books may fall outside this range.

Books with complex layouts, including most recipe books, textbooks, and some how-to and reference books will typically cost from $1000 to $3000. Very short or long books may fall outside this range.

Because every book is unique, it’s important for us to review your manuscript and discuss your book with you before we give you our quote. If there is more than one way to approach the layout of your book, we’ll discuss this with you and present several quotes if desired.

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