Put Your Best Foot Forward.

The goal of stylistic editing is polish your prose by giving it a more consistent tone and structure, while retaining your personal writing style. (If you only want errors corrected, try our copy editing service.)

Your manuscript will be edited by Nas Hedron, a professional with 15 years of experience editing fiction and non-fiction.


  • Achieve a consistent tone
  • Improve structure of paragraphs and passages
  • Includes copy editing to correct errors
  • Authors of short works can combine several shorts into a single order of up to 30,000 words.

We Deliver

  • Free sample edit of the first 1000 words of your manuscript. (Contact us to request your sample.)
  • ‘Redline’ document of our edits, allowing you to accept or reject each change.
  • Unlimited follow-up for questions, clarifications, and advice to help you make the most of our edits.

up to 30,000 words: $380
30,000–50,000 words: $600
50,000–70,000 words: $900
70,000–90,000 words: $1200
90,000–110,000 words: $1500

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Longer manuscripts are priced at $300 per 20,000w. Contact us with questions or to order.


“From start to finish Saul and Nas made sure that the process went as smoothly as possible. … Nas's editorial recommendations improved the book without sacrificing the flavor or losing the ‘author's voice.’ I highly recommend IndieBookLauncher and will use their services again in the future.”
—Alma T. C. Boykin

“I started to work on my book years ago and like all authors I knew the dreaded ‘Editor’ was coming to chop my child up. … [I] started working with Nas [and] the process became more like working with my brother than the usual hatchet job writers get. … I strongly recommend this publishing group and you can see their work on under the title The Darkness Below
—Peter A. Thomas